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Heilpraktiker treatments

I have to point out that I don’t promise any healing or even palliation of diseases by mentioning the following treatments! The listed indications also named on linked websites are solely exemplary and include no warranty of effectivity.
The description of treatments is not suitable for self-reliant diagnostics or therapy.
Furthermore I have to indicate that treatments listed below are partially not accepted by academic medicine.


Osteopathy for the newborn – ONLY AT THE LOCATION MOABIT!


Musician's medicine



For clients with private health insurance:

Prices are based on the scale of charges for Heilpraktiker (GebüH, see PDF).
Usually Heilpraktiker fees are refunded by private health insurances or additional insurances.
Please contact your your insurance in advance.

Self-pay clients

First consultation (anamnesis, examination and first treatment) 90 min 120,00 €
Consultation 60 min 85,00 €
Newborn Children  
Perinatal osteopathy, First consultation 60 min 60,00 €
Perinatal osteopathy, consultation 45 min 50,00 €
Perinatal osteopathy consultation 30 min 35,00 €


Social fees (students, trainees, Hartz IV beneficiary)

For clients with low income reduced prices are possible, verification required.
Please, ask for a reduction before first consultation.